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A solution to Saccos, Money Lenders, Microfinance institutions, and all their branches.

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Integrated solutions

Digitally transform your business, while improving the quality and convenience of services.


Save Operations

High risk of operation when Agents move with cash. Agents being robbed in field.



Unsecured loans and Poor loan recovery channels


Record Keeping

Poor Record Keeping, Huge number of members making it hard to manage their records.


Service Quality

Poor Service Quality, Inadequate education and training.


Better Services

Limited Capital and Limited Product plus Services offered.



Inadequate KYC and Reconciliation problems. - Due to shortage from Agents and cashiers.

Customize your workflow.

Manage sacco processes and be ready to address any challenge with total ease.

Easy onboarding, fast adoption.

Users can easily register and learn how to use the system faster and with ease.

Improve subscriber retention.

Analyze customers by region, discounts and more and put a plan in place to improve subscriber retention.


Mobile Wallet Solution

Extend financial services to the bottom of the pyramid at a low cost (for both USSD and smart devices).

Oriems Sacco ERP Mobile Wallet Solution helps microfinance institutions utilize the opportunity of a digital self-service channel, retaining and growing their customer base. An extremely flexible platform which can serve various digital wallet business cases.

Pricing, at any stage


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a sacco with existing members, you are free to join the sacco and invite members to use the platform. Individual Members cannot join independently, they must be under a sacco.
Oriems gives a sacco a platform to manage members, loans, savings, deposits and loan management at a small affordable fee. You are able to get improved and most advanced features provided by our platform
Trial period takes a minimum of one month but can take more time upon request to the administrator.
There are terms of payment for Oriems Sacco ERP. We have provided more, friendly and flexible mode of payments where our members can choose one which they are confortable with.

Why Choose Oriems Sacco ERP Platform?

Fast time to market with digital initiatives

Respond to ever-changing customer needs and stay ahead of the competition.

Mature platform with ready digital capabilities

Leverage configurable building blocks, such as self-onboarding, loan origination, and more.

Exceptional customer experience

Exceed expectations with compelling digital financial journeys across channels.

Enterprise Integration Layer

Modernize legacy architecture, connecting everything. Unify customer data across silos. Reduce TCO.

Future-proof digital transformation platform

Scale the platform gradually thanks to microservices, APIs and reusable modules.

Support 24/7

We offer dependable, on-demand support options including 24/7 technical and remote support.

Reports & Dashboards

Understand customer behavior across channels, optimize team and agent network performance.

  • Focus on improving customer relationships via 360 views across sacco products.
  • Upsell and cross-sell the right products to the right customers. Create AI-driven loans offers based on behavior.
  • Integrate your existing and future analytics or solutions.
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